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Online PT has designed the best online personal training program helping individuals improve their quality of life and sense of well-being.

Special Populations is a term used in the health and fitness industry for clients who don’t fit into the general population and suffer from a myriad of health issues. 

Our programs include exercises for specific needs, while simultaneously improving balance, core strength, overall strength and flexibility, improving range of motion for daily activities.  

Too Busy, No Time, Family Commitments, Business, Work Meetings, Mortgage… I get it! I honestly do. Training Women for nearly 15 Years Im aware of The Pain, The Struggle, The Want. After experiencing the struggle, I realised how hard it is. But being the Fitness professional I am, I had to find the way. Online PT is the Answer and Ill Show you how. Losing weight has never been this easy.

10 Facts Online PT the Best Online Personal Trainer Online

– 4 x International Body-Fitness Champion
– Registered NDIS Provider
– Recognised Fitness Australia Business
– National Clearance to Work With Children
– Multiple Sclerosis Fitness & Wellness Specialist
– MSFC Australian Ambassador
– 14 Years Experience
– Insured
– Real
– I Make Your Dreams Reality.

“In this modern world where fitness is booming, everybody deserves to train with a qualified personal trainer and have a customised fitness plan designed especially for them to reach their fitness goals and be able to live a fit life.

Health & Fitness is a major part of our daily life and if a fitness professional doesn’t show you how to perform exercises with correct form and technique, how do you learn form and technique to get results?

Wether its not enough hours in the day, financial difficulties, family commitments or health that has kept you away from having that chance, personal training is evolving. Thanks to the Internet, Online PT is bringing personal training to you in the comfort of your home because everybody deserves to have a personal trainer. This is the future of fitness.


Fitness is a Way of Life
Your Choice, Your Time, Your Results.

No more excuses or intimadating trainers yelling in your face! Work alongside an animated trainer and watch clearly 2000+ 3D animated exercise videos from our database.  “Every week we add more!” You’ll never have a problem with proper form or technique again.

Get insights and keep track of how many calories you burnt, increase the distance travelled each time, your weight progression, body fat measurements & plenty more.  Our premium package will hold you accountable and design the customised workouts that will help get you to your fitness goals faster.

Is your goal to lose weight, burn fat or build muscle? Are you male or female? Young or Old?  Want to train in the gym or in the comfort of your own home? Beginner or advanced? It doesn’t matter because Online PT can be done by anyone & follow your program 100% and we will guarantee results. “You can’t cheat or not workout because your Heart rate monitor synchronises with your trainer after each workout.”

Nutrition is 70% of all fitness results and we need to know what you’re eating, when you’re eating, what time you’re eating, how much you’re eating and the only way was to create a food app for your for nutrition tracking.  Track your protein, carbohydrates & fat macronutrients, your calories in and calories out and join our online community where recipes are shared and stories are told.

Premium packages run every 8 weeks and fitness was never this easy for you to follow all year round let alone afford a personal trainer all year round.

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