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Online PT customer testimonials can be viewed below.  If you would like to leave a true client testimonial about us, please send an email and we will post on this page.  Please note that Client Testimonials are never altered by Online PT.

Client Testimonials from past and current clients:

Was a little sceptical about the whole idea of online personal training

“In the beginning, the thought of online training wasn’t too good as I’d been enrolled in previous online programs leaving me unhappy. Froso has been on top of it and my program even tells me the times to do everything. The best online fitness program available because it offers support, motivation, guidance and inspiration to keep going. I feel comfortable at home and online PT is always there when I need them.”  Jennifer MCKINNON

I can finally afford personal training
“I want to look good too but paying off my mortgage and having other priorities I could never afford a personal trainer. You can find a lot of general information on the internet but I always wanted something customised but could never afford it. With Online PT, I can afford to have my own customised programs, get results and talk to Froso and ask her all these questions I’ve always wanted to know. $50 a week is so much better than $150 an hour. Halleluja!” Chloe WILLIS

Internationally blessed
“Very easy for me to give client testimonial as I’ve known Froso for many years now. I met her when we were competing on an international level. Such a genuine person and very knowledgeable. I have been an online client since 2013 as she lived in Cyprus and I lived in France. A great trainer. Five stars.” Guinevere ALCHAPIO

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Multiple Sclerosis Warrior
“Wow! Not many know what MS is and I thought I could never exercise again. I thought the world came to an end when I was diagnosed. I’ve never heard of a personal trainer specialised in MS so when I contacted Froso she was so educated and ready to go! So inspiring and motivating. My home workout keeps me pain-free, active, moving and happy. All MS warriors need Froso in their lives.”Gabby ANDREWS

Very professional and not a generalised program
“Just the fact that my Dr was involved I loved it. I know my plan is just for me as I answered all of the questions asked. Highly recommended and having a choice of food is great. I choose what I feel like eating.” Amy SMITH

My child is finally listening and on his way from fat kid to fit kid
“I was so worried that Cameron would end up a diabetic the way he was eating Nutella. Thank you so much for just talking to him and getting him to understand what a treat is and that we all love treats. I had no idea where to start and you’ve educated us, given us tips and ideas and looked after our son like he was your own. He exercises every afternoon and sleeps so well and his lunch is so healthy now thanks to you Froso! A must for all parents.” Michelle Kawolski