We Work Closely With Your Medical Team

How We Work is Easy

How we Work

How We Work information can be found here.  It’s very important everyone fills out the Pre-Exercise Questionaire before commencing ANY Online PT program. This form is filled out for our fitness professional to decide if further medical clearance is needed or if you’re fit enough to start straight away.

How we work as an online personal training business and not meeting clients personally, lots of questions are asked and forms to be filled but thats only because we care and we want to look after you.  Its how we work.

Information is what we ask!  Tell us everything, fill out the forms in detail and ask us anything and ONLINE PT guarantees it stays confidential.  This is the way we can prescribe the best customised program for you so you can get the beset results.

The same information but there are no two people with the same condition, health problem or family history and thats making you a unique person.  A special populations client just doesn’t fit in like the general population.  Special population just means having a condition that needs extra care and we love that.

If you want information as you’re Not “Special Populations” please contact us as you’re still welcomed to join us at Online PT.
Contact us and we will email you the application form to start online personal training.