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Online Personal Training delivered in the comfort of your home. With the internet who said it was impossible?  Nothing is impossible. Some people can’t go to the gym because of certain circumstances with family, work, health etc and will never be able to train with a professional personal trainer and see the difference. Everybody gets results when a customised exercise and nutrition program has been specifically designed just for them.
Online PT is taking fitness around the globe and giving you a chance to get the results you’ve been working so hard for because everybody deserves to have a personal trainer.

What’s different about Online PT?

We’re real. Yes we have our technology and use our app but you communicate with your trainer once a week through Skype/FaceTime/video chat. Join us and you won’t be sorry.

2018 is going too fast

Where is 2018? Already it’s March. Before you know it it’s birthday season and Easter! Like how?

NYE feels like last month! Have you started your exercise program. Online PT is saving the day with online Personal Training. Easy, fast and real results


Online PT Application

Online PT Application

Online PT Application Available Now

Personal Training has caught up to the latest trends and joined in with our very own app and heart rate monitor.  Online PT taking fitness to another level and keeping up to date to make exercise enjoyable and a way of life for the young and old.  Online PT app can be downloaded but needs to be activated by management and thats because we have our own Online PT community where we chat and share!  With a 3d Exercise Library of over 200 exercises and we keep adding so you will always know how to perform each exercise to get results.


The Most Innovating Trainer

Online PT App is exclusively available only for clients on iOs, Android & PC enabling you to log, track and upload your entire fitness journey anytime and anywhere.  Online PT Application is designed to communicate with your Personal Trainer by receiving workouts, exercises, diets and feedback from your PT.  The modern fitness App syncs with your FitBit Heart Rate Monitor updating your PT when your workout is complete.

Download Online PT Application from the App Store or Google Play

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Vegan Lifestyle

Youth Fitness Program

Who ever thought I would be forced into veganism through health?  Something to talk about



Its an eBook and a video and it will change your body!

Follow the link and complete the payment for only $40 and be prepared for the biggest change of your life! In 8 weeks you will see the best change and if you continue another 4 weeks you won’re be recognised!

Training, Nutrition, Support and Motivation for less than $50.

Are you going to let the the Winter Blues catch you this Winter?

Buy your Transform Me Froso Package now and go in the draw to win a 20 min Skype call with Froso to answer all your fitness questions.  Everybody is a winner and it’s about getting results and this is what we do best.

Doesn’t stop there. Purchase the e-book now, enter the draw for a skype call and if you refer a friend and they also buy the program, so you can do it together you both get a customised plan alteration worth $99 each for FREE.

Pay only $39.95 and receive 2 x 12 week transformation plans, 2 customised diet plans, and a chance for a skype call with Froso all totalling $600!  What a great deal!

Follow the link to the cart and let’s get you started!!!!


City Office would be nice!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an office in the streets of New York between all these high-rises? 

Yet our offices now days are at home.  Nobody goes anywhere anymore.  Life is becoming miserable.

Don’t fall into that kind of behaviour! Stop right there and sign up now.

Online PT will show you fitness is the answer.  Get fit and change your life! 

You can do it!

Manage Time

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I find that there isn’t enough time in the day.  

Here is a guide on how to manage time for a working, fit, family person.

6am Wakeup have a coffee & put your runners on.

6.30am  Cardio with your dog.

7.30am. Breakfast.

8.00am Wakeup everyone and get ready for work.

8.30am School drop off

9.00am  Work

3.00pm. School Pickup

4.00pm Afterschool sports

4.30pm Gym Time 

5.30. Groceries

6.30pm Dinner

7.30pm. Meal Prep

9.00pm Ring Mum

9.30pm. Read

10.00pm Go to Sleep

With the correct programming and time management skills, everything is possible.



Testing Audio for a Podcast

Just testing this audio player with a little bit of music.

Sometimes its hard to keep writing or finding the time to read so I thought it would be good make audios available to listen when you’re on the go!  What do you think?  A podcast?

If you have a family like me, I know you would appreciate my voice!  Hehehe! Might get annoying hearing me all the time.  

Fitness is a way of life.  Don’t feel guilty for getting fit.  Take control.  You can do it!