Online PT Application

Online PT Application

Online PT Application Available Now

Personal Training has caught up to the latest trends and joined in with our very own app and heart rate monitor.  Online PT taking fitness to another level and keeping up to date to make exercise enjoyable and a way of life for the young and old.  Online PT app can be downloaded but needs to be activated by management and thats because we have our own Online PT community where we chat and share!  With a 3d Exercise Library of over 200 exercises and we keep adding so you will always know how to perform each exercise to get results.


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Online PT App is exclusively available only for clients on iOs, Android & PC enabling you to log, track and upload your entire fitness journey anytime and anywhere.  Online PT Application is designed to communicate with your Personal Trainer by receiving workouts, exercises, diets and feedback from your PT.  The modern fitness App syncs with your FitBit Heart Rate Monitor updating your PT when your workout is complete.

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