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Manage Time

I find that there isn't enough time in the day.   Here is a guide on how to manage time for a working, fit, family person. 6am Wakeup have a coffee & put your runners on. 6.30am  Cardio with your dog. 7.30am. Breakfast. 8.00am…
Youth Fitness Program

Vegan Lifestyle

Who ever thought I would be forced into veganism through health?  Something to talk about

City Office would be nice!

Wouldn't it be nice to have an office in the streets of New York between all these high-rises?  Yet our offices now days are at home.  Nobody goes anywhere anymore.  Life is becoming miserable. Don't fall into that kind of behaviour!…

Testing Audio for a Podcast

Just testing this audio player with a little bit of music. Sometimes its hard to keep writing or finding the time to read so I thought it would be good make audios available to listen when you're on the go!  What do you think?  A…